Putting The Press to Work — Part 1

I’ve previously discussed how to target your customer market by adopter groups. Here’s how to reach those targets by using the press more efficiently.

The Press Pyramid (see below) depicts different levels within the press community and shows how they influence your audience and each other. This post will focus on the top of the pyramid — #1 – Newsletters.

By newsletter I mean authoritative opinion pieces and cutting-edge publications put out by thought leaders in specific industries. This is the smallest group and the most economical group to reach. It’s also the most knowledgeable about your product and industry. Because newsletters are respected for their expertise, they have enormous influence. Readers sometimes pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a subscription.

An example of a newsletter in this category is Esther Dyson’s 1.0. A magazine that fits into this category is Technology Review (MIT’s Magazine of Innovation).

These sources provide high-level information by extremely knowledgeable people who tend to be ahead of the curve and actively seek out newsworthy technologies, products or advances in your industry. These people will often identify the next new trend and tout it to their readers. Sound like the Early Adopters in the Adopter Pyramid? This is the press equivalent. Others in the industry seek out their opinions, and they are often asked to speak about topics related to their expertise. Because of the intensity of focus, getting your product or service covered in an authoritative newsletter can efficiently deliver your message – and have wonderful consequences for you.

My next blog, Part 2, will focus on Analysts and Traders

Chart and content from my book, Lies Startups Tell Themselves to Avoid Marketing

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