Are you a story teller of sorts? And a visual artist?

Joanne Sherrow @

Why not combine the talents and try your hand at creating a mini-comic in this 6 week class of visual sequential art. Whether you want to draw graphic novels, manga, superhero, auto-biographical, strips or web comics, this class is a good starting point.

You will develop worlds, characters, and moods. We will discuss story lines and genres. We will map out the entire mini (12 pages) as a story board layout and discuss balloons, panels, pacing, the function of the gutter, icons, using color, and lettering. Hone your personal style.You will become familiar with the tools, techniques and technology possibilities for creating comics. By the end of the class you will have a proof of your creation ready to be printed as an edition.

Joanne Sherrow teaches CTD 213: Photoshop II: Fashion Design & CTD 910: Comics, Cartooning, and the Computer.

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