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Hot Topics Catalog Color Spring 2019

Students in SXC 260 rigorously analyze industry trends to develop a forecast for each season’s colors, which are selected for the Hot Topics brochure. Spiced Citrus is one of the most versatile orange-yellow shades defining spring 2019. For a bold statement, make it your primary color or accessorize with it for a fresh pop in everything from closet to home decor.

Color Painting Studio (SXC260)
Instructor: Dennis Lee

Hot Topics Catalog Color Spring 2018

FIT hot topics spring 2018 course catalog


Students in the Color Specialist Certificate Program rigorously analyze industry trends to develop a forecast for each season’s colors, which are selected for the Hot Topics brochures.

Spring Wonder, a romantic violet hue, stirs up nostalgic feelings of the perfect bedroom color accented by white eyelet curtains that
flutter in the breeze of the open windows, imbuing scents of wisteria.

Color Painting Studio (SXC260)
Instructor: Dennis Lee

Bathing in Spring Wonder, a violet pink hue, stimulating our senses…what awaits our next move, a glance, a breath? Ah, Spring Wonder, enchanted by your beauty, desiring to know what lies ahead. The purity of this enchanting color concurs up nostalgic feelings, the perfect pink bedroom, ballet slippers and freshly prepared pink lavender macaroons. The pastel violet shade suggests something unique and mysterious, and composes itself with just a hint of romantic pink blush.

The sense of nurture, security and buoyancy this color provokes gives us optimism for the future. Spring Wonder invokes confidence in us and invigorates our senses for innocence and new love in all of its provocative imaginings.


Do You Want To Make A Web Site?

Have you heard about WordPress?

If you haven’t you’re:

  • Not living on Planet Earth.
  • Not having enough fun in your life.
  • Not reading this page which was made using WordPress.

Bud Kraus teaching at FIT

That’s me, Bud Kraus, your friendly WordPress Instructor

WordPress is one of the most versatile and user-friendly web publishing applications. It has been enjoying rapid and widespread use over the past few years. Over 29% of all web sites use WordPress. Find out how easy it is to make web sites, change or create themes, add plugins and expand your offerings to clients – or maybe you just want to create a new web site for yourself.

Sneak Peek

Want a quick look to see what you’ll be learning.? This short video explains the difference between wordpress.com and the self-hosted, full featured version of WordPress.

In this class, we’ll be learning the adult version of WP with all the features, whistles and bells.

Here’s a look at the site I use as a model for this class. Ok, it’s not a work of art. It’s beauty lies in how I show off many of the key aspects of WordPress I teach in class. It’s what you’ll need to know to make your web site a smashing success!

Much of what I teach I have on videos like these so if you need to review something you’ll always have access to my videos.

My next Class Starts Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 6:20PM!! We meet six times. There will be plenty of time for you to make your site with my input.

Do all of this without having to know a line of code!! How crazy is that?!?!?

Prerequisites? If you can turn on your computer and use a web browser and a word processor, you are good to go. You don’t have to buy anything for this class!

Here is the home page I use for the class. Download the syllabus if you’d like (right column).

Learning WP is a skill that you can hardly live without in today’s world whether you are just making a web site or are going to work for others who want you to know how to work with a Content Management System.

Knowing WordPress is a business skill.

Here is where you can get started learning something that is fun and useful. Now go and…


Next class begins Thursday, February 1 at 6:20P.

This course is being taught by me, Bud Kraus, veteran WordPress and web design instructor, here, there and everywhere. Reach me at [email protected] or 973 479 2914.