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Cover with pencil drawing of two actresses from film Roma


This week’s MoW is a new one, Little White Lies. It is published 6x a year in London, UK, by the media company TCO. The first issue was published in January 2005. Like many of the newer titles we subscribe to, it is a passion project, begun on a whim, by a young entrepreneur with a little bit of money, a love for graphic design, a love of film, and the desire to make the world a better place.

Review of film The Favorite


Danny Miller, the original designer of the title, studied graphic design in college, but spent much of his time redesigning the college’s magazine. For his senior project he and his friend Matt Bochenski, put together a prototype issue of Little White Lies. In 2004, when the magazine Miller worked for went out of business, they started up the publication for real.





Little White Lies is a small format, matte paper graphic design project that just happens to be about the film industry. The magazine reflects the artistic impulses we’ve seen in other new, hip titles: illustration mixed in with photography, art mixed in with text, and it attempts to cover the business in a manner more inclusive to women and people of color.


Illustration of Maggie Gyllenhall

Interview with costume designer Sandy Powell



One interesting feature is the way it covers films: editorial is given to the anticipation of forthcoming projects, while new films are reviewed, and both actors and actresses are asked their opinions about their work. In addition, the editorial staff give regular space to the cultural resonance of films of the past, observed from the present. The tone is more intellectual and more curious than, say, Entertainment Weekly. Throughout it’s clear that these are people who really love movies.



Drawing of woman in pinafore



The title has expanded over the years into a social media and podcast presence as well. In keeping with the title’s interest in design, columnists regularly discuss film styling, costuming, and the interplay of these with pop culture. Miller himself has expanded his company into a graphic design company with a huge social conscience.

Little White Lies’ website

Human After All design agency

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