Category: design

  • The world in pattern

    Walking past the new book shelf this week, I found a book I really like.   In V&I, I often have talked about the history of design, the history of cloth, the history of fashion, and how closely important they are to the cultures within which they exist. This book gives a rough history of…

  • Maker Minds event Friday!

    Welcome back from spring break, everyone! This is just a quick note to remind you that there is a Maker Minds event this coming Friday, April 26, from 12 noon until 2pm on the 6th floor of the FIT Library!  

  • Maker Minds event Friday!

    Hi, everyone! This is to remind you that the Library is hosting a Maker Minds event this Friday (tomorrow!) in the Art Resources Lab, 6th floor of the Library. This event is a workshop to teach how to use a motion capture suit and rigging, and the corresponding software. You know you want to! (I…