Magazine of the Week

Hi, everyone! This week’s magazine is Livingetc.

Livingetc is listed on our Interior Design & Shelter mags list, but it presents plenty of entertaining tips and images, as do many of the home-focused titles. The content emulates the minimalist lifestyle currently so hot in Japan, Western Europe, and the U.S. This magazine comes out 12 times a year, and was founded in 1998. It is published by Time Inc. UK, which publishes a few of our favorite titles, like Wallpaper* and InStyle. Livingetc always had a food editor, with Jamie Oliver being one of its first. The title added online resources in 2005.




Despite being “the “UK’s leading brand for gorgeous modern homes, styled with personality and flair”, the ideas inside are more accessible to DIY efforts than many of our other shelter magazines. Even compared to our Elle interiors titles, this magazine’s editorial feels super fresh.






As with many of our newer publications, this title blurs the line between advertisement, curatorial/editorial, and design. Living Inc. collaborates on a line of furniture and home accessories. They also have published travel videos and maintain an active website where consumers can track writers as they scout for design inspirations. Occasionally they also stray into the fashion world.







We really love this magazine because the British point of view has a colorfulness and humor to it that the American interiors titles lack. We love its combination of attractive, clean aesthetic, but with the affordability of their ideas. In particular, their holiday decorations this season were super cool! I hope you enjoy them, too. FIT’s library sends cheery holiday greetings to you and yours no matter what you celebrate!



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2 Responses to Magazine of the Week

  1. Honestly, this magazine provides lots of important info about interior design and furniture. I knew many interesting fact from hare. Their home accessories and furniture column i like most. Because I’m a interior designer and that’s why i have follow these magazine.

    • Beth says:

      It is a beautiful magazine with a very fresh take on interiors. It is the favorite interiors mag of several people in this department.

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