Winding Down, Moving Homes

Hi, everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment to report on preparations going on here in the library. There’s a lot going on here in the Periodicals universe. And in the FIT universe. I have also been working on a ton of new articles, but I keep getting interrupted by events here. So:

The Periodicals and Electronic Resources Department, currently on the 6th floor of the Gladys Marcus Library, will be moving to the 4th floor of the library this coming summer. We hope that a new space will provide brighter and easier access to our collections, and make available some great new workspaces on the 6th floor.

The bad news is, in order to make this happen, the PERS department will be closed from May 30 until August 20. This also means that the Periodicalistas will be moving offices so we can be near our regular work with the collection. We’ll post more contact details once we have them worked out. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this might pose to you or your students.

I’ve been working on a review of the Red Carpet from the Met Gala last week, and that will be up shortly, complete with my Red Carpet Bingo card choices and a bunch of links to other reviews and commentary.




I’ve also been working hard on a Magazine of the Week for both this week and last. Since this title, Vogue Patterns, is related to our popular Needles in the Stacks series, I wanted to do some meaty research on the review. That should be out tomorrow or the next day.






I put up some of my pics of FIT Fashion Design students’ work from Choosing Day, just in time for the actual Future of Fashion Show last night. You can still watch it (or watch it again) if you like.

And I’ve continued my work on the promised articles on new lingerie designers and some rethought lingerie styles. There’s just so many wonderful things going on here that it’s hard to keep up.  But watch this space!




The sweaters and sportswear on the left are by FIT Fashion Design students. The babydoll nightie on the right is from Nubian Skin, a company I will be talking about in my next Word-Worthy Women post in a week or two.

On top of all that, we continue to subscribe to cool new titles to inspire and inform your design choices. Stop up and take a look (before June 1)!




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