Sartorial Snark, Carpeted Red, (some awards required)…

Hi, everyone! Here at FIT, we care a lot about clothes. Had you noticed yet? I bet you had!

We all have opinions about award season clothes. But we figure that, being at Couture Central, Birthplace of Young Designers, our opinions matter a lot. To this end, we have written up a playing card of our own:

Here is my rationale for those categories, but feel free to play your own way. I would love to see readers post their celebrity choices for each category, or else on our FB page.

Didn’t want to see that!  Clothes that flash too much, or the allover-embroidered nudes.
Frankendress:   Big, weird, ugly! You know the ones!
Skating Partners:   Those lovey-dovey couples dressing like one another.
Earrings Ate Your Face:   ’nuff said!
Blond on bland:   She disappeared into her dress.
Yes, It’s Art, but?   Conceptual, but not flattering.
Mermaid Slink:  That Norell/Mackie-style column of sequins.
Giant Meringue:  Tulle overload, wedding gowns gone bad…
Woebegone Whimsey:   Forced but failed cuteness.
Glinty Rocks:   Big, shiny objects (dress or jewelry).
When Ruffles Go Bad:   you get the pic!
Full Metal Frock:   Is it armor or the sun in my eye?
Tuxedo Tantrum:   Messing with a good thing.
Not ‘Netflix ‘n Chill’! :   Too casual; sneakers right out!
Suited you:  Something suity that worked (like Evan Rachel Ward, e.g.)
Achoo! :  Excessively feathered.
Blood & Lipstick:  That’s a lotta red there!
Pantsuit Prowess:  Good use of pants, also ref to Pantsuit Nation.
See Right Through Me! :  Too much sheerness, you know what I mean!
Dear Prudence:  Did Queen Victoria dress you??
When I’M Famous!!:  I SOOO WANT THIS DRESS!!
Invisible Man:  Could you have dressed more ‘Ho, hum’?
Con is Next Door… :Your Sci-fi costume dreams misplaced
Not 15 Anymore…: No, you really *are* too old for that look!
Sketch was Terrific, but…: Interesting dress on paper, not successful 3D.

We hope you have some fun with this. Feel free to post your category:celeb picks in the comments!

(Just in case you are curious, here are some less interesting cards ;) )


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