Keeping warm

This resource is now available:

Why, you say, do I care?

  1. Because the 1970s are best illustrated through sweaters. (see above!)
  2. Because the 1980s are best illustrated through sweaters.
  3. Because if you are knitting, your annoying sister can’t see your eyerolls.
  4. Because your NYC apartment is either tropical or arctic.
  5. Because your term garment next semester requires a shrug.
  6. Because you can’t afford that in-between-weight coat till you get a  job.
  7. Because historic crafty stuff is nerdy and cool.
  8. Because FIT students are too driven to sit still all January.

Since knitting has become popular again lately, lots of archives have publicized their collections of historical knitting patterns:

A simple search in StyleCat comes up with 282 records:

What the search terms “knitting patterns” will get you.

Some highlights include:

Knitting Vintage, by Claire Montgomerie







The Knitster, by Robbie Dulaney








Punk Knits, by Share Ross







Enjoy your wintry time off!

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