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Hi, everyone! Happy New Year!

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We know how hard you’ve worked to make the holidays happen for your and your family. So this week, we celebrate your nesting instincts and your wanderlust.

In 2007, the former version of the title Interiors, published by Conde Nast, ceased publishing. But the title was too good to pass up. Shortly after that, TS Media, a Chicago-based company, purchased the name. The current version was launched in February 2008.


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Interiors is published 6x/year, and prides itself on being the only magazine designed specifically for the interior design trade (as opposed to consumer oriented). Whether or not that’s to-the-trade is their best selling market, the publishers boast of their photography style and magazine layout, allowing the reader to “experience design, not merely observe it”.

(This to our left is a baroque library, not a new installation, so definitely the title includes inspirational features, too.)






This all sounds a bit pretentious, it’s true, but this magazine is sort of a cross between Domus, the Italian design title, and World of Interiors, the British rich-people’s-homes glossy. Interiors is full of to-the-trade ads, and gorgeous visuals of newly-done spaces, but a bit more intellectual than, say, Elle Decor or Interior Design.



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These visuals make this a gorgeous magazine, with images useful for mood boards, inspiration maps, and interior design research.

You can take a look at all our “shelter” titles here:

May your new year contain many happy and attractive adventures!



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  1. Hey guys, happy new years.
    Got to say, the baroque library looks amazing!

  2. Fadli Rizal says:

    Damn. Ilove second Design Interior idea, maybe i can set my room like it.. thanks

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