Presents for the Crafty, by the Crafty

knitting-mittsEvery year, especially working at a university, the winter holidays seem to sneak up on us.

Everyone here at FIT is on a much-needed break.  FIT campus is closed from Friday, December 23, till Monday, January 2nd. Plenty of time for leisure projects. Well, maybe you didn’t get crafty projects done by the first day of Channukah or by Christmas, but you’ll have time to work on them afterwards.


While you’re resting and noshing, here’s an older post to read. And, in case you were wondering, I finished the socks for my mom in September 2014. Here’s what they look like finished! Now go make some things for the sheer fun of it!

Have the merriest, happiest, most restful of holidays, everyone!

Busy time of year for Santa’s Helpers


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