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Hi, everyone! This week’s Magazine of the Week is Dutch. This was recommended to us by Fred Dennis, in the museum. We have been fortunate enough to back fill our holdings from numerous gifts as people clean out their design rooms, so we now have a few issues from 1997 as well as the complete run between 1999 till it ceased publishing in 2002.

This title was published in Baarn, the Netherlands, and had editorial offices in London and Paris. It began sometime in the mid-1990s, but ceased publishing in 2002. Despite there being no official web presence left of it, there are multiple Tumblr and other image accounts celebrating the photography of the original. Other than that, however, it’s tough to find out many specifics about this title, so I offer you images from it, instead. Come up to the 6th floor and take a look in person!







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  1. WOW, I don’t believe it, i used to read this Dutch magazine :-D
    Thank you fitnyc <3

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