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Victory coverHi, everyone! Welcome back! We hope you are getting back into the groove with your classes. As we’ve mentioned before, the PERS department has a bunch of really funky new titles, so this spring semester, we’ll be talking about them most weeks.

Victory seemed the appropriate MoW for Super Bowl weekend.  It’s about sports and it’s about art, but the focus of the art is sports, whether actual or examined through an artist’s perception.

You can read how the editors explain their work here:

Victory Journal

Victory drawing


This shows you an idea of the kind of content you will find within Victory’s pages, interspersed with interviews and photography.


Like many of our other new titles, this one is a larger format and printed on matte paper.





We have a few other titles that depict athletes doing their thing, and you can find them on this list:

FIT Periodicals: Sports and Fitness

On the other hand, if you are interested in this title for its artsy visuals and not its team coverage, we have a few other titles that might interest you here:

FIT Periodicals: Graphic Design and Illustration

We hope you will come check out all our new titles!

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