Joyeuses Fetes!

Hi, everyone!

Welcome to the last day of the semester.  Today’s magazine is:

style gd winter

The header on this cover proclaims the magazine’s focus as “Visual Merchandising * Retail Design* Sales Promotion”.  The contents consist of interviews and discussions of the industry’s prominent designers as well as photographs of the best displays of the month.  The images seem to be all from northern Europe, England, and the US.  The cover above was part of the Christmas windows at Harvey Nichols, London, winter 2014.

Holiday windows get good coverage, as with this one from Printemps Paris, winter 2014:

style gd treeThe whole list of display-oriented titles we have in PERS can be found here:

We wish you every good and happy thing for the winter holidays!  Joyeuses Fetes!


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