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Hi, all!

This week’s Magazine of the Week is really a pattern catalog:

moda marfy1116

Marfy is a pre-drawn clothing patterns company.  Think Vogue or Burda.  The company was established in 1966, and specializes in high-style womenswear.  It also claims to be the first pattern company in Italy to sell patterns for special occasion wear.

When we subscribed to this magazine for the FIT Library, we hoped it would provide interesting flat shapes for students in Fashion Design and Product Design classes.  Whether you’re looking for the flats, the styling, or the illustrations, this title isn’t one that many American libraries have.  We have issues going back, sporadically, into the 1980s.

Moda Marfy record in StyleCat

Come take a look!

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3 Responses to Magazine of the Week

  1. Reader says:

    I’m not familiar with the term “pre-drawn clothing pattern”. What does that mean? That they are completed patterns? Does the magazine include patterns that fold out or are included in an envelope? Is it possible to trace them?


    • Beth says:

      It’s not a standardized term by any means. I was just trying to distinguish that type of commercially-produced pattern from the pattern systems of the 19th c., where you plug in measurements and move the arms around, or a draped or drafted pattern, custom made for the wearer. Yes, these are commercial patterns, complete and printed out.

      The catalog we purchase is mostly the look book from which you can choose new patterns. While they used to come with paper patterns you could trace, the last year or so doesn’t seem to have. However, I know that Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft stores now carry these patterns for sale.

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