Might Be The End, But Just The Beginning

During my classes I was able to create 6 pieces. In my sewing class, I completed a jean apron, shorts, and a peasant top. In my draping class, I was able to make a bodice, dirndl skirt, and a straight skirt. imageI am glad to be able to add these pieces to my portfolio.

My time spent at FIT I was able to accomplish more than I thought I would. My technique as a seamstress improved, as I now have more control over the machine and I am able to maneuver around curves. I am eager to create more items. I leave this semester with a new friend Anais, new skills that I can use on future projects, and more experience. So this is not goodbye, I will be back to FIT next semester. This is just the next step to the beginning of my Fashion Career.


Inspiration Filled Lunch Break

During my lunch break, I usually walk from the C building to the D building just to look at some of the creative things in the lobby. TiaraBland

Some of the things that I have seen are in the picture above. I found the quotes on the board really inspiring. As a student at F.I.T., I get to work with with my peers in my pre-college classes. These classes really motivate me. Walking around and looking at the other student’s work has given me some ideas on what I would like to draw, create, or even build!!! I take advantage of everything around me because you never know what will truly catch your eye and help you create your next biggest design. I think next week I will visit the Museum.


Spring Break Weekend

This week from April 3 – April 13, I am on spring break and it has given me time to think why I really love attending FIT. Even though I may be on break, fashion is on my mind 24/7.

I love FIT because it keeps me busy. It gives me a chance to have different experiences and create things out of my comfort zones. At first, I thought that attending FIT would be a lot to handle, but I look forward to going on Saturday.

My mind is constantly running on…What materials do I need for my sewing class? Did I finish my dirndl skirt for my draping class? What type of material should i choose, knit or woven? Phew!!! That’s not even all of it. My blood doesn’t even pump with adrenaline, it pumps with “fashaline” (a little word I created for myself when I am rushing through life, being a part of the fashion world). Many will think that since I’m on break I should just relax, but to be honest fashion does relax me. Since spring break began, two of my Saturday classes at FIT were cancelled … Ugh!! But that didn’t stop me, last week I asked my professors to tell me what I needed to work on for my projects and they let take my projects home. I got the chance to catch up on my sewing by working on my jean apron …I added more detail to make my project “POP”.

I remember that I needed to soon make a trip to Moods Designer Fabrics because I had a projects at my school Fashion Industries and I needed woven fabrics to create a shirt for yours truly, and I needed to get cotton woven fabric and muslin for my sewing and draping classes at FIT. It might seem like a lot on my plate but going to Moods is like a fashion paradise. I can go to Moods and stay in their for hours and come out with more ideas than I came in with. While you’re in the area you can go visit Moods…its only on 37th street. Some other suggested places that I like to visit are Daytona Trimmings which sells trims and different items to embellish your designs. As well as Fashion Fabrics that offers great deals on some nice fabric. Both are located on 39th street not to far from FIT.

Introducing Precollege Blogger: Tiara


Hi!!! I am Tiara Bland and I am a resident of Harlem, New York. Some of the things I love about New York are all of the resources. When you look around, you see the lights, many stores, people with different nationalities. New York is a city full of inspiration and experiences.

One of my favorite experiences living in New York is being able to attend Fashion Industries High School. I am now a sophomore at Fashion Industries. I have learned that Fashion Industries is a school that teaches and prepares you for the real world in the fashion industry. Throughout my hectic school day, I always look forward to my last two periods of fashion construction. I actually enjoy the soothing sound from the motor of the sewing machines. I have already created a pair of shorts, a baby romper, a Peter Pan collar, and a convertible collar. I have also been able to work on corded seams, flat felled seams, french seams, curved seams and many more (phew!! that’s a lot but worth it).

This has influenced me to attend FIT’s Precollege Programs and to take 4 courses. So far I have taken Textile Design, Fashion Trends, Sewing for Fashion Designers, and Introduction to Draping for Fashion Design. The first two classes I listed, I took in the summer of 2012 and really enjoyed them. I made some nice pieces that will come in handy for my portfolio when applying to FIT. The third class I named is very similar to the class I’m taking at Fashion Industries. It is really helping me to improve my sewing technique. And lastly the draping class, I will get a chance to take draping in my junior year at Fashion Industries. However, I wanted to get a head start to get a feel on how to drape.

I have a true passion for fashion, but I have other interests such as dancing and playing 4 instruments (violin, piano, clarinet and the drums). In my free time I love checking and updating Instagram to get what’s new on the latest trends and to see what my friends have been up to. Another social media I enjoy is tumblr. I can stay on tumblr for hours. I choose blogs that are based on urban trends. I am so excited to blog because I’m such an expressive person and English is my favorite subject. I feel the opportunity to blog gives me a chance to spread my thinking and opinions to others. It allows me to express and explain who I truly am and what makes me… Me !!!!

My goals while attending FIT is to learn more of the business side of fashion. I would love to style celebrities such as Chris Brown, BeyoncĂ©, Rhianna, and many more. I want to take over the fashion world and start a line that doesn’t forget anybody. My line will include teenagers (boys and girls), plus size women, regular, petite, men, husky men, and maybe even babies. For plus size, I would create various heights because I understand their struggle to find clothes. I will create clothes that not only fit a woman’s figure, but their personality as well. I want to take a page from Coco Chanel and create a classic look like the black dress that is still worn today. Clothing that has an aesthetic that you can wear to a nice day at work, but still hit the town and strut down Times Square at night. Even for children that attend school who can look sophisticated, but still be comfortable. I really just want to make a difference for many and be free. I am Tiara and one day I will make it BIG.