A Commute With A Non-Morning Person- Sarah Saul

I peel myself off of the bed, roll my eyes at the laughing clock, and after a splash of cold water I am already irritated. I’m not a morning person. I pull apart my drapes, stare out of my window at the dusk sky and then roll my eyes again. After barely looking in my closet I pull a “I have nothing to wear!!!” fit, go into my mom’s closet, she rolls her eyes too (she’s also not a morning person) and end up settling on an oversized sweatshirt. I drift to the powder-room, use a little too much powder and end up changing the, now powdered, oversized sweatshirt. I’m not a morning person. With a packed bag on my back, I let out a sigh once I take a seat in the car after this very aerobic morning. Waiting at the traffic light in front of the station, I realize I forgot my wallet like the genius I am. I’m not a morning person. Lucky me I get to hear the pleasant whistle of the train at all hours of the morning because of the proximity my house is to the train. So, don’t worry I shlepped myself back home and retrieved it in time for my train. May I just say I am blessed by the way up heavens that created coffee. Coffee is crucial for this commute!

Soon enough the ground begins to tremble beneath me. Being a Long Islander, I over cautiously avoid the gap and make myself look like a terrible dancer by doing a demented leap. Let me tell you, the looks I get are borderline “WOW look at her werk!” and “Is she okay?… the gap is barely a foot.” To make the people on the train think even more highly of me, I whip out my “emergency” alcohol pad (of many) and draw circles onto my seat. I burn my tongue every single time I take a sip of my coffee. Every single time, I don’t know when and if I will ever learn my lesson. But, as a result I have a burnt tongue for the weekend. I’m not a morning person. I take a squat (the only one of the week) on the seat, that is very well cleaned I might add. I then, breathe and applaud myself for not missing the twilight hour train. Then, I put on the life saver that is Spotify and tune out attempting to revive myself. Despite my constant travels to the city, I am new at the independent train ride. But, you get a sense of freedom when you’re trapped inside a choo choo. It’s almost a sneak peak into your future and how traveling will be like. From what I was seeing, the future seemed to be bumpy, noisy and frankly, it seemed to be traveling too quickly. When I arrive at Penn Station I am immediately able to navigate to the very close by FIT. Once I find myself of the streets of the city, the whole twilight hour and dusk wakeup is all worth it.


Introducing Precollege Blogger: Sarah

Sarah Saul Hello lovely readers,

My mother and father named me Sarah (after my grandmother.) You can call me Sar- everybody does. I would beat around the bush and say I love where I live, but that’s a complete and total lie. I’m growing up in the ever-so-boring Long Island. It’s so clean here on Long Island. When I say clean, I don’t mean as opposed to filthy. It’s just that there’s such a lack of diversity and appreciation of art. NYC’s constant screams of sounds and color take my breath away and are at the core of it’s beauty. Long Islanders are very isolated from that pleasure and extraordinary experience that is NYC. FIT allows outsiders of this precious world to come visit during their Precollege program. I am lucky enough to be one of the many students.

There are so many benefits of this program such as expanding your knowledge on technique, enhancing your experience in the art field and the proximity to Starbucks. Last winter, the coldest winter I have ever encountered, I took JSX 006 Basic Digital Photography: Portraits and JSX 031 Basic Drawing Skills. Photography was at first an epic-failure for me. The poor professor had to take time to teach me how to hold the camera. Then, gradually, I fell in love with capturing nature, emotion and stories. I familiarized myself with the proper way to operate the camera over the past year…it’s an incredible piece of technology . Basic Drawing Skills were anything but basic, I thought I would be signing up for some illustrations of Uggs or perhaps a cell phone or even Nutella, it’s a “basic” drawing class after all. It was much to my dismay that I was informed that we would be drawing 2D and 3D shapes. After many classes 2D and 3D shapes didn’t seem too bad after all. In fact, I was beginning to draw them more and more in my free time.

Over the past year I have taken up an interest in Interior Design (currently enrolled in HID 021: Introduction to Technical Drawing and Spatial Planning). I have gone to incredible exhibits at the Cooper Hewitt. I have also interned at an Interior Design firm for a year which has given me an outlook on how the business operates. If the internship taught me anything at all it was that A) every textile will tell a story and B) Keep your coffee cup FAR away from the samples. Outside of my passion for visual arts, I love Opera. I have been a lover and a singer since the age of 6. My mom and I would have adventures to the MET. At the age of 7 I mostly went for the brownies and to see the chandeliers; only a few years later, the music overtook the brownies.

I aspire to be a graduate of FIT for Interior Design and Business. I long for a Upper-West side apartment with a few special individuals. I hope to pursue my dream at a thriving company. I hope to help out the world environmentally and also, travel the world to help others and see my planet. I believe that blogging for FIT would be a tremendous opportunity to share my love for the arts and writing with the community. It would also be a connection that I would have to other art appreciators who might be my classmates in the near future. Thank you for letting me share :)

-Sarah Saul