How am I Supposed to Say Goodbye?

Another semester over.  Another twelve weeks of projects complete.  Another three months of new information, new ideas, and new lessons to be learned.  New friends to be made and new places to discover. This past semester was definitely one of my favorites so far, ranking up there with the first one I took, draping, and the Level Two drawing class last fall.

We were a big happy family, and a supportive one at that. The first week was full of nervous introductions, excitement over both the amazing spinny chairs, and awe of the bubbly professor we had.  The second week had some solidly forming friendships and a more comfortable atmosphere.  People were helping each other with the projects and sharing magazines, and everyone was starting to relax and have fun. Up until the hurricane, everything was great.  Afterwards, everyone was so supportive, sympathetic, and sensitive. They were there for me when I almost cried about my chickens and listened when I needed to talk about what happened.

In the weeks that followed, FIT became even more of a safe haven for me. It became the place where I could get away from all the crazy happenings in Rockaway and the close quarters of my grandma’s house in Brooklyn. The girls in my class laughed and joked our troubles away, even if only for the few hours we had there per week.

We discovered our strengths, weaknesses, and talents beyond what anyone expected. Some people discovered hidden reserves of sewing talent just in time for their entrance portfolios, and others improved their drawings in leaps and bounds.

Personally, over the course of this class I discovered I can do anything. That there is more in me than I thought I knew.  In the end, what is important will always work out. My drawings improved dramatically and I discovered a love for paper couture.  I also made some friends who will last a long time.

So to everyone in my class, thank you. Thanks for dragging yourselves out of bed early each Saturday morning, to catch that bus or train for that ride you hate, and for taking the time each morning to dress up. Thank you to Professor Uvenio, who took the time to show me tiny little tricks with drawing that made everything so much better and for listening to my story the week after the storm.  Thank you to everyone in the office for doing everything with the clothes and toys, and specifically to Ms. Nagel for telling me to work on my faces over the summer. I can’t wait for the spring semester!


Food Babies and Being Thankful

Two weeks ago was Turkey Day. Stuff-your-face-day. Wear-yoga-pants-to-dinner-day.
Or you can just call it Thanksgiving.
This year, Thanksgiving was different for me. Usually I’m just happy there’s no school, and I get to sleep late, and eat stuffing. I love stuffing. But with what’s happened in the past month, this year, I’m thankful for my life.
The hurricane really changed a lot about the way I look at things, from a sense of entitlement to one of gratitude. Now I know what it’s like to not have hot water, to not have an indoor flush toilet, to not have a clean shirt… and it’s hard. It’s really hard. I really hope none of you ever have to experience it.
This year, I am so thankful for everyone that’s helped my family along, and everyone whose helped the other people that need help. For my grandma, who has graciously accepted us into her home, bought us clothes, made us food, (HOT FOOD), given me fabric, allowed us to completely disrupt her life. For my friends, who were there for me, for my new FIT friends who shared their supplies when I didn’t have. For Professor Uvenio, who magically procured some magazines for me, including the September 2012 Vogue (!). For my mom, and her quick thinking that saved the sewing machines, and for my dad, who has been working tirelessly to get everything OK again. For my little sister, who hasn’t driven me crazy yet. For my boyfriend, who has been an immense support and role in keeping me sane throughout all this. I’m thankful that Nugget, Parmesan and A-Train/Hawkeye/Bacon survived, and also Finnick the fish.
ALSO- I’m thankful my grandma likes to sew, and got Threads, Sew News, and Sew Beautiful magazines, and is letting me use them. And my uncle for hosting Thanksgiving at his house.
What am I wearing this year? Most likely a dark dress. One without a waistband…
What are your plans? What are you grateful for?