Fashion + Perfection = FIT

Oh, it’s so hard to say it… but my first week at FIT is over! NOOO! I dreaded this Thursday for so long, and now it’s behind me. I seriously have no idea how I’m going to deal with leaving FIT completely in a few weeks. Okay, let’s not think about that. Here is the wonderful half of a halter top I finished in my Manual Pattern Making and Sewing class today! Along with the right guidance and supplies, everything went smoothly (although I took it apart about 10+ times more than I should’ve).

Project outcome!

In my Advertising and Graphics design portfolio class, we indulged in an exercise project where we had to come up with an ad for an existing or personal product. At first I chose to do the Coca Cola bottle, and started to imply its awesomness by putting a bunch of refreshing headlines around it on paper, like Quench and Satisfaction, all surrounding it with arrows accompanied. In the last few seconds (not literally) I opted for the Polar Spring water bottle sitting across from me. Typically, I just wrote “Polar Spring” on the close but rarely potential Coca Cola Bottle. I just couldn’t remember how it looked, and It was looking like a saggy water bottle anyways. Then, I presented my “concept” to the class rather successfully. Apparently in college, presenting your concept is a daily ritual, so I had to shake off my nervous tension fast. Also, Before any ad is put out in the market, an obvious concept has to be made, prominently on paper instead of on the computer. This time we were working with marker mediums. The classes outcome of concepts were fantastic.

Today, I also found a place which I might start going to for lunch, GiGi’s Deli. For all you vegetarians out there, this may just be the place for you! Throughout summer live, I’m going to try to experiment with new places along 7th ave, just to test variety.

      Outfit of the day(s)   (                                   (Yesterday)

Forever21 Maxi dress

Forever21 sheer blouse

DSW loafers

Thrifted headscarf


H&M shorts

J. Crew button up

Forever21 collared necklace

DSW loafers

*And of course I had to put down my thousand pound bag which consisted of my thousand pound art supplies. :)

May I say that this was a very fun and productive first week! 


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