OOTD Madness

To be honest, my typical lazy summer days at home consist of me head to toe in comfortable pajamas: slouchy school tee shirt and thin, loose shorts. Basixally , I usually look like a huge bum over the summer…

…Until F.I.T came along. This institution truly has transformative powers to the point where my whole summer outfit has changed. I bring out the flashy rings, lace up my shiny sneakers, and throw on a wacky but stylish dress. I’ve got a bad case of “OOTD madness” now.

What I’ve really learned from my class (Fashion Forecasting) is how to scout out trends while simultaneously reinventing my own personal style to a more refined level. As I watch how fashion is influenced by the world and different events, my personal world and mindset are influenced by fashion.

So let me share with my crazed OOTD fanaticism:














So until next time my sweet peach pies!

Xoxo, The Style Saviour

You know it’s hot when you can feel the breeze but you can’t find the dragon

Ahoy, my fellow fashionistas! Todays weather was crazy HOT, wasn’t it? NYC needs to chill a little bit, literally! Come on, let’s keep cool with some fashion in mind.

Today, in my second class (Manual Pattern Making and Sewing) we are completing our little sessions on making basic shirts, bustiers and sweetheart neckline blouses and heading into our final piece which is deemed to be the creation and design of a whole dress, where it can be any pattern or shape that we want! I think I’m going to go for a wild, bold print… I starting to think I should welcome the Future Project Runway girl in me. Muhahaha!

Carie working hard on her Basic Skirt outline

During my afternoon 15 minute break, I decided to get some Fruit Snacks at the vending machine. But just as I was about to put my money in– oblivious of the fact that there was something stuck at the bottom– a very fashionable girl said to me, “My snack got stuck…” and I was then informed of the vending machine’s suspected crimes. It was a very amusing 5 minutes trying to get her chips out. Unfortunately, my fruit snacks did not push down her little munchies… neither did the girls that bought something after me. But fortunately, I did get my awaited snack, and so did she… in time. (That includes calling the Caretaker to rip open the evil machine and save her potato chips)… That was such an exaggeration.

"Save me!"

OMG, and another thing! I have recently found out about this place on 26th on 7th after paying close attention to the girls in my afternoon classes haul from Buffalo Exchange. They were talking about the super reasonably priced shoes and clothing items they purchased, and even showed the items to the class. Everything was wonderful! My friend was even telling me about how she got a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Sandals at BE for only $20! After school multiple students bounced over there to check out the latest trends and goodies their “Buy, Sell and Trade” initiative had to offer. To my luck, I found a cute pair of Leopard sheer trousers that actually fit well –I’d have to wear something underneath, of course– that I could even wear on a hot day (I’m obsessed with Leopard and Cheetah prints if you havent noticed, teehee). Everything was adorable… except the sweaters, no one was even going near those in this boiling hot weather!

Funky leopard pants I found for $10


Outfit of the day! (Fashionpanoramic.blogspot.com)

Forever21 blouse

Forever21 Maxi skirt

DSW loafers

Thrifted headscarf

Forever21 collared necklace


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