Congratulations Danielle!


Student: Danielle Covington
Major: Illustration

Courses taken in Precollege Programs include:
 Precollege High School Intern

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Collage or College?

To reiterate our homework assignment, we were instructed to choose a product and build an ad campaign for it. The product I chose was Sharpie marker ’cause who doesn’t love the feel of a brand new Sharpie?

I got to class, did a little morning sketching to “connect our hands to our brains” and then got my first project of the day. Make a collage for the type of person that I thought was the consumer for my product and find pictures of who they are and what they like. We had to get pretty specific though, know what their job is, how old they are, what they like to do in their free time, the usual. The basic image of my consumer is a twenty-something year old toy designer who lives in Brooklyn (probably Williamsburg…), goes out to cool Brooklyn bars, and hangs out with friends when he’s not designing the newest toys on the market.
The room was a beautiful mess. There were scraps of paper, glue sticks, and magazines scattered on the table. I forgot what color the table was to begin with, but clean up was surprisingly easy with so many hands.



The end result of the collage compiled and glued into my sketchbook looked like this:


(sorry for the bad quality pictures, I snapped ’em on my iPhone real quick, I’ll try to get a better one of the collage)

By the way on a total side note, I was talking to a girl in my class (who doesn’t live in the city) and asked her what the name of my consumer guy should be, and she suggested, “something french, like ‘Lephlem'” ’cause there was a boy in her school who is french and has that last name. And it turns out that same boy was also in my kindergarten class! Small freakin’ world!

Jada (my professor) did something really helpful as we were working. She asked us what schools we were looking to apply to, pulled up all of their portfolio requirements, and told what each school we were interested in wants to see in out portfolios! So many schools want so many different things its crazy! We compared it to our syllabus and we’re actually going to be doing a lot of the projects they’re looking for (I’d be scared if we weren’t).

I hope your classes are helping you are much as mine is!

Until next time,