A Visit To The Style Shop

StyleShop_blogspot6Hey there!
So on Thursday,┬áMarch 26th, I went on a little field trip over to the style shop in the Dubinsky Student Center. It’s so adorable and I absolutely love it; the colors, the layout, everything.

As I walked through the cute little boutique, I was absolutely inspired and went into total styling mode (then again, I was in the Style Shop). They sell merchandise ranging from jewelry (mostly jewelry) to basic clothing, like skirts and sweaters.┬áMost of the merchandise sold is either handcrafted by alumni and students or vintage. Here’s a little fun fact about the Style Shop, its run by FIT’s Merchandising Society, which is actually the biggest club in the school.
OH! and I almost forgot to mention, so although the style shop is usually not open on Saturdays they set a date just for Precollege students. Make sure you guys go check it out on Saturday April 11th between 11 am to 3 pm. MAKE SURE YOU COME BACK AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!