Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: How Fashion Has Changed Me

On the train Saturday morning I was thinking about how my Junior year of high school is almost over and soon I will be graduating. Looking back on the past few years, I can see how much my interests have developed and changed.  Now I’m more career oriented, and nothing has pushed me to grow in this way more than my experience at FIT.

In order to go to FIT, I had to prioritize, often choosing to go to bed early instead of hanging out with my friends and family because I had class in the morning.  I have recognized a growing desire within myself to succeed in this industry, and I know that in order to do so I have to use every opportunity I can to learn about fashion.

Another change I have discovered in myself is my confidence.  FIT has helped me gain the confidence to do so many things I was afraid to do just a few years ago.  For example, I am going to do a summer internship at my favorite local boutique. Also, recently I started my first high school art class. I look forward to figuring out how to combine what I am learning at FIT in this class.

Fashion is something I really love and creativity both in the fashion field and the related art fields excite me.  The classes at FIT have brought an exciting change as well as a focus to my education and future plans. I have never been so excited about college and getting to know people who share my passion. These changes are giving me the experience to grow as a student and learn about the many careers associated with the fashion industry.


Expectations and What I’ve Learned So Far

My expectations for Fashion Design Techniques are to learn how to drape and to learn how to place the muslin correctly on the dress form. I have noticed that the class is getting harder. I thought everything was easy until we went to put the muslin on the dress form…Let’s just say things didn’t go so smoothly. It’s really hard to get everything lined up and if it’s not then everything will be wrong after that. My self expectations are to get accepted into FIT and to get all As and Bs – this can be a challenge because I’m in 2 AP classes and I’m not doing to well in physics (Science is always my worst subject; I can’t wait to NOT have to take it senior year.) I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well, but it’s a comfort that your portfolio matters a lot too.

I haven’t really had to change anything about myself coming to FIT. I like how everyone has such different styles but you can all talk about fashion. I love how on the 1st day of class you can scope out everyone’s individual style and see if they have a similar style to you. FIT changed me in the way that I became more open to other’s opinions and styles. FIT made me become a better drawer for sure. I couldn’t even draw before I took Fashion Art for Fashion Designers. If I do say so myself, I’m a good artist now. I can draw the croquis. FIT is so different from my school because everyone dresses kind of outrageously, where at my school the atmosphere is definitely more normal. I like expressing myself at FIT.

I was surprised that I learned to draw really fast and even more surprised that I’m doing very well in draping so far. I could actually help other people when I’m usually the one that needs to be helped. The atmosphere at FIT is friendly, although of course there are those that are not very friendly and don’t have a nice attitude to put it nicely. But that’s ok. I don’t really put attention to those people because I’m here to have fun and learn about the different aspects of the industry. FIT is my favorite part of the week; I get to go to my dream college, shop, learn, and explore the city.

See You Next Week,