Dont Miss Me Too Much

Sadly, my class has come to an end. My mood board is being perfected and when I finish I will be emailing my professor for feedback. Now, I know all the skills I need to get into FIT. Professor Cutting made it easy and clear on how to make everything perfect and neat. He taught me how to photoshop my background, shade and cut out my fashion figures, how to cut swatches and how to make everything the best I can.

When my portfolio is complete, It will look something like this:




But, don’t miss me too much, FIT. In the summer I will be taking a sewing class to create a denim jacket to add to my portfolio. I will be focusing on my portfolio this summer and hopefully, I will be accepted into FIT. 

I am a dream chaser and I will not let anything stop me from accomplishing my goal. I hope one day I’ll become a big brand designer for swimwear and will be able to thank FIT. I highly recommend classes at FIT because it made everything seem possible and taught me things that I had no idea about in the past. Being successful means you have to work hard at everything you do and don’t let any obstacles break you or stop you from completing your goal. What is your goal in life? 

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~Isabella Basile

Do what you love, love what you do.

Everyone has someone or something that inspires them to work harder to reach their dreams. Most people are inspired by a well known name, but I am inspired by my sister Raquel.

My sister attended FIT and was the graduating class of 2011. She studied fashion merchandising and her junior year of college she found out about the studying abroad program to Italy. Italy is where it ALL started. When she was in Italy she learned a lot about herself and the fashion industry. She spent six months in Italy, and then after studying abroad she just kept going back for visits. Graduation day finally came and Raquel decided that she wanted to live her life in Italy and try to live out her dream of fashion there. Well… want to know what happened?… she is now living in Italy with her friend and they are starting their own fashion line. It is called Peridot and I know that it will be a success.

Seeing my sister live out her dream has taught me many things. My sister never gave up no matter what was put in her way and no matter how many obstacles she went through it still did not stop her. She has such a passion for fashion and that is why she is so successful. You have to do what you love and love what you do and you will succeed. You NEVER should give up and especially at a school like FIT you will go far.

I have had people tell me to not major in photography in college and people are always trying to put my dream down, but when I hear these insults I just think about my sister and everything and everyone that put her down; but the criticism made her even more successful because she has the biggest passion for what she does and that is what’s most important in life. I know that if I work really hard and put my heart into all my work I can reach my dream as well, but in the art of photography.