outFIT’s @ FIT, by Arden

Let’s face it, it’s fun to get dressed on Saturdays and go to class. Mixing and matching texture, design, and color.  A woman’s time is most valued in the morning, getting the wells of creativity turning!

This week I thought it would be fun to create an album of different outfits I wore each week.        

February 27

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.33.18 PM

In preparation for my first class, my cowgirl boots popped in my head. This gave a good elevation for my flare jeans, also adding some contrast with the pointed toe of the boot. I paired this with a Free People top tucked in and then lightly pulled out. Of course, my knee length cardigan pulled it all together.





March 5

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.26.35 PM

Today was a bad hair day, I needed something to cover up, and quick. I decided to wear my tie dye turban head wrap. Not a better way to wear it with a Ganesh graphic tee and Topshop leather jacket. I love this outfit because of it’s casual and cute feel.


March 19

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.26.26 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.26.05 PM

This week I wore a denim jumpsuit, what a great base. I wanted to demonstrate the bounce of color from the pink and brown. How do you think I did? I threw on my cowgirl boots as a finishing touch before running out the door.

April 2

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.25.09 PM

When mother nature cries, it’s the universe’s signal to wear my Calvin Klein trench. I layered this piece with a pair of printed pants and a black (material) one piece. And of course a light cashmere sweater, my savior.






April 9

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.25.50 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.24.55 PM

Over all, I love overalls. Underneath I wore a J. Crew printed top (because underneath is really what matters). If you are like me and reach for the gold, I highly recommend going to an outlet store. This silk shirt I bought at the Jersey Shore Outlet, there are plenty others but the price in comparison is a steel! Because we were in the studio this week I decided to pair my outfit with comfy Aquatalia booties that are to die for. (Very thankful I fit into my mother’s shoes!)








April 16

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.24.27 PM

Now I am starting to see a repetition of denim… But this week I decided to layer my denim dress with a fun beaded belt and warm grey kimono. I threw on a pair of comfortable purple flats from Target and one of  my most comfortable shoes.






Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 2.19.54 PM

Simply Styling!

Hi everyone !

This week I wanted to touch base on one of my favorite interests, styling. Styling is amazing because you can express yourself in so many ways without ever saying a peep!

Personally, I love almost all types of style, throughout the week you’ll see how flexible my wardrobe is and maybe even pick up some style ideas along the way!

Monday's Outfit

Monday’s Look (also my birthday, yay!)

Monday’s outfit consists of darker colors with a final splash of yellow. I have to say I LOVE sneakers. A growing trend I’ve come to notice is designer sneakers such as funky printed ones or even heeled sneakers. Comfort and fashion all in one!

DIY:  Find a cute pair of sneakers, or old ones you’d like to reinvent and buy your own quirky laces! It’s cheaper and can create a cute personalized shoe. (That’s what I did with the ones I’m wearing!)

I don’t have a very indepth thought process when mixing and matching garments, connection and simplicity is always key! My thought process normally starts with 1 piece of clothing, for instance a dress, then based off the look I’m going for I decide if booties or sneakers would best fit the look.

Tuesday's Outfit

Tuesday’s Outfit

That brings me to Tuesday’s outfit. If your dress is one color and more on the simple side, a nice detailed boot adds some personality and flare! If your dress is patterned and you’d like to level out the pattern, a pair of converse will give your outfit a more laid back fun look.

Patterns CAN complement each other!! Adding other elements such as jewelry and sweaters balance the patterns without you even realizing!

Not everything has to match. In reality, if it’s pleasing to the eye it doesn’t make a difference if everything matches. Creating a flow and evoking a certain aesthetic is the goal of well…being you!

Autumn is known as the season of sweaters, preferably large cozy ones which provide a comfortable yet fashionable approach to your everyday outfit. A dominant trend during the Fall season is long length/long sleeved sweaters. I love long sweaters because not only do they keep you warm but they create “sweater paws!” Mittens and sweater all in one!

Wednesday's Outfit

Wednesday’s Outfit

Nearing towards the end of the week, the weather did a 360 and it got much cooler out (shocker). Now, I’m not a huge fan of flannels, though of the few I have I love to play them up with a cute graphic tee or a nice detailed tank underneath.

Thursday's Outfit

Thursday’s Outfit

Bracelet close up

Bracelet close up










Friday! I love how the colors of this top tie in with the effect of the loose sleeves and bottom. As I’ve said earlier, shoes always add an extra bit of oomph to an outfit. Declaring it casual, cute, girly, fun, or anything in between!

Some days I’ll go for a more “frilly” look by mixing in paler colors with deeper ones or even keeping the outfit a few simple tones for a “light” affect can do just the trick as well!

Friday's Outfit

Friday’s Outfit

My final outfit, featuring this funky patterned shift dress makes me so happy! The way the patterns and colors blend together is fun yet formal. To complement the shades of blue in this piece I paired blue tights along with a cracked stone turquoise necklace to pick up the detailed lines of the flower’s insides.

Of course in this weather a jacket is always a must. Leather/bomber jackets are always trending so throwing this leather jacket on top is the perfect bit of edge to the floral and bubbly patterns.

Saturday's Outfit

Saturday’s Outfit

Essentially, I dress in what makes me feel good. Styling it all together is just an additional plus of the process! A good outfit will never let you down….Unless you spill some coffee on it, oh how unfortunate.

As always, hope you enjoyed reading and have a swell day!

Emily Kelly


DIY: CUT-OUT TEES (Inspired by FIT Students)

As July rolls around and temperatures reach the high 90s, we all secretly desire to go to the beach with our retro swimsuits and dip into the cold water. But when you’re at FIT, you just can’t do that. To solve your problems, I’ve got a DIY on cut-out shirts inspired by the people I’ve met in my Fashion Forecasting class (more on my first day experience in class later).

1. Side-Tie Tee

-Take your t-shirt & cut vertically down on both sides
-Tie the bottoms
-You’re done! Simple & easy

2. Tied-in-Front Tank

-Take any old tee and cut off the sleeves
-Cut the neckline
-Cut the back of your shirt straight across near the hips
-On the material left in the front, cut it so there’s a triangle
-Cut through the middle of that triangle so two sides form
-When wearing, tie the two parts and you’ve got a knotted tie on the front of your tank top

Other simple ideas to try: heart tee (cut out a heart on the back of your shirt), ombre tees/tanks, lace up side tank (made by cutting the sides, sticking holes, lacing through the holes like a shoelace)

These ideas were inspired by the diverse and fantastic people I’ve seen and met at FIT. Initially I was nervous about entering my class, but when I first stepped into the room, I saw all of my classmates and was hit by the multitude of styles. Everyone was fashionable but in their own unique way. I loved seeing gladiator sandals to my left and Nike hightop sneakers to my right. The people and professors are incredibly warm and kind. Tomorrow we’re going to hit up a few stores and analyze trends for the Fall 2015 season. I’m ready to bust out my camera and notepad for all the fashion I see.

Keep watch for my post tomorrow where I showcase Fashionable Students of F.I.T!

Hugs & Love,
The Style Saviour