Now Showing: Fabric Styling Exhibit

The Fabric Styling exhibit is located in the D building, showing now- Wednesday, May 2nd.

Everyone in FIT has a special talent that the school helps them to excel in and pursue. The Fabric Styling students have
strong fashion sense and an eye for color and pattern they stay ahead of the fashion game.

Check out the exhibit when you are on campus this weekend, Precollege students!
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Recap: Spring 2012 AAS Fashion Design Exhibit

Of course, I will begin my post with saying that we should all give a warm round of applause to all the graduating fashion design students! What an amazing  job they did in last month’s exhibit inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli!

For those who are unaware – Elsa Schiaparelli’s is a fashion legend. Elsa Schiaparelli was a 1930’s and 40’s Italian fashion designer. She greatly impacted fashion with her unique style and art form.

Just in case you missed it – here are some images from the exhibit.  Each designer had a mission related to the back story which was, “Get inside Elsa Schiaparelli’s head as a designer, who was she in her world culture, what she was saying through her innovative design and quirky aesthetic, how she was inspired by her close collaborations with contemporary fine artists.”

*Photos below from the FIT Facebook page*
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