Instructor Spotlight: Ann Marie Sclafani

Ann Marie Sclafani has been designing, making and merchandising jewelry for 15 years. She is a FIT alumna with a degree in Restoration and began teaching in 2015. Ann Marie is also the creative director of her own jewelry line Joseph B, and is a technician for the Jewelry Design Department at FIT. Her early professional career began as a technical designer and merchandiser for large-scale wholesale manufacturers. Because of her experience in both fine and costume jewelry, her work and design style is able to encompass both worlds.

Instagram: @josephbjewelry

Ann Marie teaches:
HJD019 Jewelry Design Studio I     

Teaching Philosophy:
I tell my students that just because something isn’t perfect, it doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Imperfections in our work always lead to discovery. Jewelry has become such a multifaceted outlet for creativity in terms materials, techniques, fit and construction, engaging students in a variety of unexpected methods becomes an adventure for all of us. I encourage them to find and bring inspiration to class so we can create something together that speaks to their own individual style.

Work by Ann Marie Sclafani:

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