Instructor Spotlight: Valerie Parker

Valerie is a creative designer, photographer, filmmaker and producer. Launching her own production company, marketing agency, and trekking around the world with a camera in hand led to many discoveries in sustainable development, indigenous culture, and ethical fashion. Her passion for storytelling and cutting edge technology led her to develop a tech company and immersive media platform to serve the conscious fashion space. In addition to being the Founder and CEO of the Second World Group, she launched a modern day “Live AID” music, arts and fashion festival called Culture Fest International, and she is also the Founder of the Valerie Parker label featuring her own designs and the ethical fashion company, Fashionably Fair. Valerie is a United Nations correspondent for the Turkish Journal, covering fashion, arts, and humanitarian issues. Valerie’s career in the fashion industry entails traveling to source innovative materials, scouting designers, and working with NGOs. As a multidisciplinary producer and marketer, Valerie takes a leadership role in negotiating prices and managing personnel and budgets for an array of projects. More than 18 years ago Valerie founded Second World Foundation, a nonprofit focused on accelerating economic empowerment through development projects and documentary filmmaking to deepen cultural understanding domestically and internationally.

Valerie Parker teaches the following FIT Precollege Classes: 
HIN 131 International Fashion Marketing

Teaching Philosophy:
I want my students to become as passionate about their work as I am. My goal is to highlight cutting edge innovations of this world in the context of the coursework. Knowledge and proper use of the amazing tools we have today work hand in hand and apply to real life opportunities that await my students. This is an inspiring journey for all of us! 
Industry Experience:
Founder and CEO of Second World immersive e-commerce platform for conscious fashion, innovative materials research and development for a new brand, and Fashionably Fair Host/ On Camera correspondent interviewing celebrities like Rosario Dawson.
Valerie is currently working on her first book and screenplay, as well as academic papers with an interest in ethical fashion, culture, and materials/technology innovations.