Instructor Spotlight: Margaret Bishop

Margaret Bishop (small)-reduced
As a textile engineer, Prof. Bishop launched my career in textile manufacturing in the United States. Wanting to work overseas, she joined Peace Corps and served two years in West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer, consulting to local businesses on product and business development. Following her Peace Corps service, Prof. Bishop began consulting worldwide to  apparel and textile brands and manufacturers all over the world, working with village artisans and large factories producing garments and accessories for the US, European, Russian, and Japanese markets. In 2010 she moved to New York City, began teaching at FIT, and earned a Master’s degree in Global Fashion Management at FIT. She continues both teaching and consulting worldwide.

Prof. Bishop teaches:

Teaching Philosophy:
Every student brings a unique set of experiences, interests, and perspective to this class, with the potential to enrich the learning environment for everyone. I really like an interactive class, where students participate actively in class discussions, small group projects, and other class activities; and I work hard to ensure each and every student feels welcome and important in my class.

On Precollege Programs:
There’s no better way to get a taste of the college academic experience, build new knowledge and skills, make new friends, and exchange ideas with students from many different backgrounds, than FIT’s Precollege programs. Come. Learn. Enjoy.

Industry Experience:
As an Instructor at FIT, I have been teaching for credit courses, executive seminar courses, and Precollege courses for six years. As an industry consultant, I have been helping brands, factories, and artisans in more than 50 countries around the world to build stronger, more competitive businesses in the global textile and apparel industry. Most recently I have been consulting to jeans manufacturers in Serbia, feltmakers in Kyrgyzstan, and in April, I taught Global Apparel Sourcing to a group of university students in China.