Encouragement and Family; Hand in Hand

Every family has their disagreements, but one thing that my family never disagreed on was my decision to take classes at FIT and pursue my dreams of becoming an artist. My immediate family is my backbone, they are who I aspire to please; and so far the work I have been creating has been catching their attention. My aunt has asked for specific drawings and paintings that I have made to hang above the fireplace, and my passion for drawing has come in handy when I needed to make my grandmother a card for her past birthday. I have also been working on a decorative mural of flowers in my grandfather’s house. My family not only supports my love for the arts but adds fuel to my fire of inspiration.

me and mom
Me and Mom

My mom has always been my biggest fan; whether she was watching from the sidelines at my sports competitions, helping me with my homework, or teaching me math (my weakest subject, her strongest). Her newest cheer leading gig has been observing and critiquing the work that I make during my Saturday live class. I usually continue working from home immediately after class on Saturday and as soon as I walk through my front door I am bombarded with questions about the current week’s drawings and lessons. As a college student on the road to achieving a very successful teaching career, Mom took some classes in art. While my mom was taking these classes I was just a baby, and in awe of my charming baby face she drew this side view portrait of me.

Side Portrait by Susan Bondy 2003

Just this week, my mom made an online portfolio of some of my work that I’ve created while in class at FIT. I dream of going to art school, and by creating a portfolio for me she has made my life a million times easier. Strong drawings included in a portfolio are a huge part of applying to art schools and according to my mom it is never too early to start keeping track of work.

It is also never a bad idea to have a second set of eyes brush over a piece of art or project that is in the making and thankfully enough I have my Mom to point out any missed flaws or improvements in my work. As a student taking Drawing in Life, there are occasions where I will need a model as we learn to draw specific parts of the body. For example, this week my class was assigned to draw 4 sets of hands on a page of paper using just black charcoal. As soon as I spoke to my mom about class and the assignment she volunteered ambitiously for the position of my hand model. Below is the final product.

hand drawing

Until next time!