Instructor Spotlight: Deborah Beard

Prof. Beard, a New Jersey native, has been at FIT since 2008 and she is the chairperson of Technical Design as well as a professor in Technical and Fashion Design Departments. She has been a Fashion Designer for over 25 years in both Los Angeles and NY. Prof. Beard has owned a Junior Sportswear company and wrote a book “The Complete Book of Technical Design for Fashion and Technical Design.” Her passion is teaching and involving her students in the industry and seeing them prosper beyond their degree into rewarding jobs in Technical Design.

Prof. Beard teaches:

Teaching Philosophy:

The first thing you need to start in fashion is the “love” of fashion. Wanting to create and make clothes for yourself and to learn to make things unique is all you need to come into the course. We will teach the techniques, sewing, Pattern making, you just need to want to make a garment you can be proud to say “I made this!”.

On Precollege Programs:
I love working with Precollege students because they love to learn. I have a teenager so I know how to teach so they understand. I am open, friendly and excited to help and show my students. I want them to be excited to keep going and make fashion their career. Or at least make things for themselves.