Think Pink.

This year, FIT’s graduating class was thinking pink for their senior show. The display, titled The Pink Issue, is Barbie themed and features fashions, graphics, and interiors designed by FIT’s talented students. During some down time today, I stepped into the hot-pink world of Barbie to take a closer look at the exhibition.

I was so inspired by each students’ explanation of their work. Weather with plastic, typography, or iridescent paillettes, everyone had something beautiful to contribute to The Pink Issue.

Looking at the display got me so excited for next Thursday, when I’ll finally present the magazine I’ve been working on for these past two weeks. Even though I’ll be devastated that Summer Live is over, I’ll be happy to share my hard work and see what my classmates have created.

So when you get a chance, be sure to check out The Pink Issue in the lobby of the D building. It’s innovative, creative, and just so pretty.

Until Next Time,