Make Them Proud

Though it’s only been one week at FIT, I feel that I have already matured immensely. Traveling alone to New York City 4 days a week is a pretty scary experience, but I love every second of it! Finally I have something to say when friends or family ask, “what are you doing this summer?” It makes me feel good that I am using my summer wisely instead of just wasting it away, and that I will have memories to look back on once the school year starts.

My parents have told me that they are proud of me for taking these classes and earning a spot on the FIT blog, and that is the best thing a child can hear from their parents. The words, “I’m proud of you,” linger in my head all the time while I’m out on the city streets. My dad is currently away on a business trip, but he makes sure to call as much as possible to check up on me and find out new things that are happening at FIT. Both my parents are excited that I’m doing something that I enjoy, and that I’m maturing while I’m doing it. This is a beginning step for when I go away to college; It is my time to learn as much as I can about being independent. I would have never thought that I would be able to take an hour and a half train back and forth to NYC by myself, but here I am doing it; though sitting next to strangers is scary! Once I pass my road test (hopefully Wednesday!!!), I will be doing the entire trip alone; no more rides to and from the train station for me!

Not only are my parents proud of me, I am proud of myself. This whole experience so far has been life changing, and I am so excited to see what the next 2 weeks will have in store for me!

Fino alla volta prossima!