Enjoying Every Moment

So far my first week at FIT has been amazing. As I mentioned in my last post, yesterday we visited the metropolitan museum of art. In order to get to the museum we had to take a subway and it was the first time I have been on a subway so I was a little nervous but it turned out to be not that bad. When we got to the museum, the professor told us to meet back at 4:00 so we had an hour and we were free to go to an exhibit that we wanted. There were many exhibits but my two favorite ones are the ones below. One of the pieces below is actually a photography piece that I have become interested in since my class started. The photographers name is Taryn Simon and her work is so cool. She photographed 18 families (one of them is below) and she also photographs sites that people don’t usually get to see and sometimes people aren’t even allowed to go to these sites. She is a very interesting photographer to look up online.

The day was actually going quite smoothly until we arrived at Penn Station and quickly hopped on a train, not realizing that it was the wrong one. When we got on the train we were asking everybody if it went to Secaucus also but know one seemed to know. The next train stop was Newark Penn station and it is not easy to find your way around. We finally found someone to help us and the by the time we got home it was almost three hours later. It was a traumatizing experience but I guess something like that has to happen to everyone at some point so we learn from our mistakes. NEVER agatin will I get on the wrong train to an unknown area.

Tomorrow we are going to start to work more with photoshop. Photoshop has always interested me so I am excited to get started. Today I started editing a picture I took of my boot and it is amazing how contrast, brightness, vibrance, etc. can make a photo look sooo different. Photoshop is capable of so many things and it is good for photographers because it is easier to make your photo stand out even more.

Every night we have had assignments to take pictures of the world around us, I have not stopped snapping pictures from day 1. In my next post I will share some of my favorite work but bye for now! will blog soon!



This was my favorite piece at the MoMA. It was my favorite because all the black and white squares together created such an amazing piece and it was so cool to look at. This was created by Allan McCollum. 

This is a very complex yet simple photograph. Taryn Simon found 18 families from all over the world to photograph. Each family tells a story in a way; each expression on each person's face is different, and I think that is what makes it most interesting.

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