The Future

I think there is only one word to describe my junior year of high school: stress. Don’t get me wrong, there are many highlights of junior year such as prom and getting your license, but other than that it’s stressful. It’s stressful in the sense that I have to get my grades to be as good as they can be, and I’m planning for college and my future.

Hopefully….(fingers crossed) I get into FIT! FIT is honestly my dream school….I mean, who wouldn’t want to go here! I plan to apply to Fashion Merchandising major and then after two years, I plan to apply to the Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing Program. Though FIT is my first choice, I have other colleges in mind to apply to as well.

In the future I would love to be a buyer for a clothing and cosmetics company. I can definitely see myself living in a big city such as NYC or Los Angelos. Where do you see yourself in a few years? Any good fashion colleges I should take a look at?

Until next week
xoxoxo Tori


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