Friendships That Just Became

Throughout the period of waiting to go to the FIT program, I was always wondering if I were to make friends there, who would I meet, and how my classmates would be. The first two weeks were very quiet in the classroom. I’m a very social person and silence kills me! But eventually some people just needed to get comfortable with themselves to start speaking up.



I though have met two girls particularly that I’ve made a great bond with.

One of them is Sara!  From the many things that me and her have in common with, she is absolutely awesome! She joggles many things at once and is multi-talented. She’s great with her fashion, music taste, and how to work a camera and a pencil! She’s also very unique and easy to talk with.  At first there was not much me and her had said to each other, but we gradually just started to make more conversation and ended up being friends.


Someone else that I’ve met on my journey in my FIT class is Eula. She was much more quieter than some of the others- and so it took a bit for me to actually start talking to her. But it was all worth it! Once I actually started to talk to her- we had so much to talk about! From our love for art to Kpop, there was not a time when I got bored of the conversation. Her fashion sense is spectacular and I know she will succeed at becoming a big time fashion designer!

I’m so glad that I’ve met these two wonderful people. Hey, maybe later on I’ll be able to meet more! Who knows. All I know is, I have no regrets on signing up for the FIT program. All it has brought was happiness, knowledge, and friendships!

Let’s see what comes along next week!