The Adventure Begins at 7AM.

“RING RING RING”! Time to get up and get ready to head to FIT!

My mornings on a Saturday consists of so many emotions, it’s insane! At first, I wake up- bummed for having to wake up at 7 in the morning on a Saturday (I’m a teenager, I can’t help it!) but then I realized, I’m doing it for a reason! And reason is FIT!

Once I finished dolling my little self up with clothing and make up, I head out the door! Walking a whopping half mile, I finally reach my destination.  My transportation is the “Paterson-New York” bus. Although it’s the most expensive, it is themost safe and short timed transportation from NJ to New York there is! It also leaves me right in front of Penn Station! Which is very convenient for the fact that FIT is only 10 minutes away!  I avoid anything and everything because I’m very determined not to be late for class!

Once class is over, I wonder around the city a bit, sight see, breathe in that NYC smell, you know, the smells of food and god knows what! I always end up being at that one place that everyone in The City loves, and possibly lives off of.

You guessed it. Starbucks! I always order a Double chocolaty chip Frappuccino! Absolutely delicious!

Don’t forget the Infamous Taco bell! A bit of a getaway once it’s lunch time. The American Mexican classics twist of food is amazing (I’m a bit of a food person)! Once I’m done stuffing my tummy with delicious mainstream food, I go to Penn Station and I’m off to Jersey. I always take a nap once I get home because it was such an accomplished day. I can’t to do it over and over again!