Getting to know the girls 🙂

Making new friends at F.I.T. has been surprisingly easy!

When I first started the program I didn’t know anyone in my class! As the weeks pass, I’m slowly starting to get to know everyone. My first day of class I met up with my friend Bianca who is a returning Precollege student but is in a different class than me. We took the train and the ferry together – it was really nice to have someone to take the trip with. We talked about our first day, assignments, goals … things that I wouldn’t normally talk to my friends about. That’s what I really like that about F.I.T., it’s nice having an adult conversation with someone my age.

Since I’ve only been to two classes so far (because I have games on Saturdays) I feel a little out of the loop sometimes. However, when I walked into class last week I was greeted with big smiles from two girls that arrived before me. As my other classmates started rolling in, we started talking as a group. We discussed Daniel Raddcliffe AKA Harry Potter, boyfriends, what exactly a Bristol board was and halloween costumes. After last week I’m starting to feel like I’ve bonded with some of the girls and I’m starting to make friends. I would tell you who I talked to specifically but I’m really,really… REALLY bad with names! I can remember everyone’s face, what they were wearing and where they sit but it’s almost impossible for me to remember names!

My mission next week is to learn every girl’s name… and remember it! Hope everyone is making friends!