Back in Black

…Or rather “Back in Prada Spring/Summer 11 inspired stripes,” the first of many outfits being worn to my pattern making class which I am so completely in love with. omg.

I honestly had the worst expected for the class due to the fact that I was in a pessimistic mood because of the prior incidents of being incredibly sick with the cold, getting in a car accident the day before, almost missing my train, taking pain relievers from my accident, cold medicine and athesma medication at the same time without realizing that the combination would make me almost a walking zombie and the complete worst, meeting my new pretend best friends on the train but never speaking to them because being painfully shy and awkward and never actually talking to them but only listening to their awesome conversations from two seats away. (I’m actually kidding, the car accident was the worst if my sarcasm didn’t translate through text.)

But despite all of that, the first day of class went way better than expected.

As I walked toward the elevator I met a guy who asked me for directions and it turned out he was headed where I was! We introduced ourselves, complimented each other, and even had a conversation! I was so proud that I overcame my social awkwardness for at least a few minutes to meet a new person. Oh, and it get’s better, I talked to another person! I was on a roll, being a social butterfly and all.

I’m glad my professor quickly jumped into things and we started drafting a pattern for a skirt. “With this basic skirt pattern,” she said “you can make any skirt” – Music to my ears!

Looks like I’m going to have a lot of new skirts in the upcoming months…