Let the Good Times Roll: Making New Friends is What’s So Special About This Program

Put 13 aspiring fashionistas in one classroom and the result is an incredible atmosphere of laughter and trend talk. Surprisingly, the catty behaviors that usually surface in a room with most teenage girls doesn’t rear its ugly head of turmoil and misfortune in my class.  In a class where everyone knows each others name…well almost, I can see stronger friendship bonds forming every week.  Even the girls who were friends prior to the class have come out of there shells and have begun to include the class in their inside jokes and random moments of laughter.  I have added many of the girls in my class on some of the most addicting social networking sites out there-Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr-and hope to keep in touch with them after the class ends.

Break time!  The class almost sprints out the door, most of us too busy rushing to class to have had a decent meal.  With Starbucks, Chipotle, and a million different pizza places just around the corner, our class fills the small establishments in a somewhat moderate flock.  Personally, I’m a Chipotle kind of girl, and maybe Starbucks on a cold or rainy day.  My friend who I met in class, even though we lived in the same small 2 square miles of a town, don’t exclude others because we have our home town friends and school in common.  Making new friends from different environments and backgrounds is what’s so special about this program, and we all make sure to take advantage of this great opportunity. Though I haven’t gotten a chance to hang out with any of my newly made friends outside of class, I’m sure I will soon, whether now, or maybe in a couple years when me and one of my fellow classmates attend FIT.