My Hopes for Spring Break

For many Spring Break is a release from a tightly knit schedule, early mornings and studying, and a time for catching up with old friends and relaxation. For me, well, at least I don’t have homework.

The week ahead consists of several projects including hand-beading my prom dress, making a matching shrug and purse, finishing an art project involving mixed media and starting a second one, my precollege class projects, and a trip to the city for a day of swatching. This would be easy to handle if not for other weekly activities like physical therapy, hitting the gym several times, practicing driving, SAT studying and sewing lessons. You may just wonder, how do I do it all? (I still wonder too…)

On days off I usually schedule all kinds of appointments, but my favorite are for sewing. A local seamstress teaches me how to sew from her home for about 3-4 hours per session. I’m always inspired to get on track with my sewing and sketching by her, because she always has her dozens of projects everywhere. With a few days off, it will be easier to go home and get back to work on whatever I started.

Since my mom is a teacher and she has off too, this week provides for more trips out to various art stores. During the week it is so much harder to go out and get what I need for my projects, and by the time I get home I no longer have time to work on anything. Some of my pending errands are for my FIT classes like getting some new fabrics for sewing class or presentation boards and background paper for Fashion Techniques.

Sketching seems like an easy task to pick up even on a short amount of time, but I like to have a couple hours and all of my supplies on hand. Later nights this week will help because I don’t have to worry about waking up for school in a few hours. I’ll also be picking up some new Prismacolor pencils this week, which i’ll be excited to use, and I haven’t gotten to try out all of my new markers yet. The longer I have to sketch, the more focus I have for details and color scheme. It’s also easier to create a well-rounded collection when you don’t have other things on your mind. I do keep a lap desk by my bed in case I get inspired by anything before I go to sleep. This week i’ll be working on the contest from the Vivienne Westwood Exhibit, which is to create an outfit inspired by one of the displays in the exhibit from before 1950. With the His & Hers exhibit, ideas have been coming easily.

I’m leaving one special day aside for me and my best friend. We’re going to go down to the city and visit Mood for swatches. I need mine for my class, and she needs hers for her fashion class at her high school. We’re going to walk around all day and grab lunch, and probably hit up the four-story Forever 21, as well as some of the high end stores just to play dress up (you’re never too old.) I’ve also been wanting to visit the Met for almost a year now, but haven’t found the time. Whatever I’m doing, I’ll be sure to bring my camera so I can snap some photos for you guys!

Registering for Summer classes at FIT has been open, but if you’re in my boat, you have to spend the summer working…yikes. The 4-day Workshop classes are great alternatives if you can’t take the time off. I took one over the summer last year and it was great. With the beautiful weather, I enjoy every day in the city.

If I happen to find some free time this break, i’ll spend it reading Models as Muse: Embodying Fashion out on my back deck while tanning (being friends with the head librarian has it’s perks… he also got me Valentino: The Last Empire.) I’m also working on Water for Elephants and April’s Allure magazine. I tear out all my favorite ads from magazines, mostly Vogue, Allure, and Glamour, to make a giant inspiration board out of my bedroom walls. Although I may be busy, I’m spending this week doing what I love… a mix of art and fashion!