Transformation by Mannat Jain, Fashion Design

Alchemy is a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aimed at achieving the transmutation of base metals into gold. It is also interpreted as a power or process that transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. Similarly, “The Combines” are hybrid works that associate painting with collage and assemblage of a wide range of objects taken from everyday life. From stuffed birds, to Coca-Cola bottles, newspapers to press photos, fabric, wallpaper, door and windows, it is as though the whole universe enters into Robert Rauschenberg’s combinatorial process to join forces with paint. The artwork is daring and experimental, showing transformation.

The garment I created is an eclectic mix, consisting of scraps of fabrics patched together- ropes covered with colorful threads, plastic, painted burlap, texture, threadwork, hand-painted text and fabric manipulation. Every piece of fabric in the garment is manipulated in some way to show transformation from its raw state. Thus, the concept is based on using less valuable and waste material to make garments of real value. The garment also emphasizes the importance of “zero waste”, which is the need of the hour.

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