Fond Memories of FIT’s 2016 Commencement Ceremonies

Commencement 2016 was surely the best FIT commencement ever. It was so filled with high spirits that I cannot imagine another having been better. Yet that seems to be what I say—and feel—every year at commencement. And it doesn’t matter that we conduct two ceremonies! Perhaps that is the magic of the occasion itself, one of such optimism and celebration. Standing on the podium as I do, looking out on that vast sea of faces—smiling students, beaming family and friends—the good feelings just radiate throughout the room and bounce right back at me. It is a wonderful sensation.

This year’s two speakers, FIT alumni Ivy Ross in the morning and Joe Zee in the afternoon, lifted our spirits even more with their keen insights, their zest and humor, their warmth. Each was awarded an honorary degree as was FIT alum Francisco Costa in our morning ceremony and Jane Rosenthal in the afternoon.

Ruth Finley, founder and publisher of the Fashion Calendar, joined us at the morning ceremony as well, and what a pleasure it was to see her, at 96, in cap and gown, wearing pretty floral-patterned pumps, step up to the dais to receive the President’s Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Altogether, 2032 students participated in commencement this year, about half of the entire graduating class—and they were the happiest group of graduates I have ever seen!