Celebrating a Historic Step Toward Equality

Celebrating a Historic Step Toward Equality

It seemed especially appropriate that just a week before a quintessentially American holiday—Independence Day—we were able to commemorate another great step forward in U.S. history: the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. Indeed, this was a remarkable moment to which we have all been witness.

As I have often said and we all acknowledge, FIT is committed to the concepts and practices that prevent and condemn discrimination of any kind. This institution—its entire community—thrives and becomes better by diversity of all kinds. My unwavering personal conviction is that diversity enhances our ability to become better citizens, to broaden our horizons, and to better prepare all of us for professional—and personal—success.

I hope that you join me in celebrating both equality and independence. It is again heartening to be part of the American educational system where we can acknowledge and teach the value of tolerance, diversity, and humanity.

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