FIT Honored by the Accessories Council Hall of Fame

Speaking at the Accessories Council Hall of Fame Awards

Last week, FIT was honored by our good friends at the Accessories Council on the occasion of our 70th anniversary. In particular, they recognized the accomplishments of our Accessories Design and Jewelry Design programs. The Council is a national trade organization for the accessories industry that provides all kinds of support not only to its members, but also to students. For many years, the Council has been a great partner to FIT, with members serving on departmental advisory boards, mentoring and advising students, providing internships and scholarships, as well as sponsoring an annual end-of-year award program for our students.

The festivities took place at a lovely event space in the West Village which, in its elegant décor, celebrated FIT and its distinctive history. It was attended by many of the Council’s members, faculty from our Accessories Design and Jewelry Design programs, FIT trustees and foundation directors, and many other good friends.

I was very touched to learn that former visiting FIT student Nathalie Colin flew in from her home in Paris, where she is creative director of Swarovski, to be part of the program. Her reminiscences of her one year at FIT back in the 1980s were warm and charming. I was equally touched by remarks from Joan Hornig, FIT trustee and jeweler, and delighted to be able to accept the Hall of Fame award on behalf of the college from Nathalie, Joan, and Karen Giberson, president of the Accessories Council. It was a memorable evening.

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