Prince Bebe

10FO4210One day last month, I was going through the pages of Womens Wear Daily and saw an article entitled Dog Days of Summer: Designers Discuss Their Canine Companions. There was Rocky, a Norfolk terrier owned by Georgina Chapman; LouLou, a Maltese belonging to FIT alum Reem Acra; and Gaspar, a toy poodle in the arms of Carolina Herrera. Sitting at my side was Bebe, my bichon frisé, wondering–just as I was–why he had not been included.

Of course, I am not a designer, but FIT is the wellspring of designers who are featured in WWD every day! And I think of Bebe as one of FIT’s most popular and important ambassadors. After all, he welcomes members of the FIT community and industry insiders whenever I host an event in my home. Every time we go for a walk–be it right here on campus or on the surrounding streets in Chelsea–he is greeted with a smile, and often by name. Indeed, I sometimes forget myself and think that the approaching person is smiling at me …but no…the smile is directed at Bebe. Invariably, too, there will be conversation, but again, not with me: with Himself! So since WWD did not think to include Bebe in its article, I have decided to blog about him today, using WWD’s Q & A format and some of its questions.

Dog’s favorite summer activity: chasing geese by the lake in the country and running without his bad-weather boots

His biggest guilty pleasure: eating doggy ice cream and duck treats

His greatest talent: teaching me how to speak and understand “dog”

What he still needs to work on: telling the truth about how many treats he has eaten and controlling his princely attitude and “king of the jungle” self-image

His favorite place on campus: my office desk

His favorite summer outfit: none–and especially not boots.

Now boots or no boots, Bebe can’t live on the FIT campus and escape from the demands of fashion. He positively struts in his cashmere or shearling coats or his Burberry plaid-lined raincoat, all of which complement his snowy white fur. And I am proud to say that he is frequently a featured presence in FIT’s annual pet runway show. He is a very special member of the family and a source of joy and amusement. So I confess that if Bebe has a somewhat privileged and regal air about him, it is because he has no idea he is a dog, and no-one has dared to tell him!


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