Welcome to May and My New Blog

May is always the most exciting month for college presidents–and I am no exception. It is the run-up to commencement–the time of year, here at FIT, when our lobbies, corridors and classrooms are ablaze in displays of our students’ glorious talents…capstone projects, exhibitions, final papers, crits and presentations. Our students and faculty are no doubt exhausted by now–I have those moments too–but I am sure you share with me the exhilaration of achievement, the knowledge of a job well done.

I am feeling particularly exhilarated today because–as you can see–I am launching my own blog. I want to open a window on the activities in the life of a college president…to share with you my ideas and hopes for FIT and for higher education…as well as to reflect on the news and issues of the day. But I don’t want to do this in isolation. What interests me about this blog is the opportunity to have a conversation with you.

You might be asking, well, why is the president doing this now, as the academic year is coming to an end. But this is the digital age. There is no reason why we cannot stay in touch electronically. I know how busy you are; I know how busy I am. But this digital route gives us the opportunity to talk from wherever we are…and whenever we find a moment. So let’s use the summer months to experiment. I’d like you to tell me what interests you and what you might want to hear about from me. I hope to blog on a fairly regular basis…and you will certainly be hearing from me on this page in the weeks ahead.