A postcard with a stark message about school gun violence

“I started off with the image of the empty classroom, brought in the silhouette of a hand holding a gun, and then, using the pen and star tools in Illustrator, illustrated the American flag behind that in the windows,” says Cindy Choo describing how she created the winning image for FIT’s Constitution Day Postcard Competition.

“I thought of the prevalence of school shootings in the news and the fear they create for school children and teens,” said the Graphic Design senior.

Cindy Choo’s first-place winning Constitution Day Postcard

Choo won first place in the annual postcard competition sponsored by the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Participants are instructed to illuminate a section of the U.S. Constitution in a contemporary context.

Professor Ronald Bacsa had assigned students in his Design Competition class (GD 361) to create work for the completion. Students had to design a front and back of a 3×5 or 4×6-inch postcard that reflects their beliefs in any part of the Constitution.

“Creating a victorious work that addresses the issue of gun control feels entirely appropriate with all that is going on in the news,” said Prof. Bacsa.

Choo, who is minoring in Art History and Asian Studies, is a gpassionate about designing playful, fun, and colorful pieces that bring joy, but I am also committed to creating meaningful work that speaks to people on a deeper level,” she says.

“I believe that the right to bear arms should be balanced with the need to prevent gun violence. Implementing gun control measures is essential to prevent further tragedies,” said Choo. “Thoughts and prayers alone aren’t enough.”

Winners of the Constitution Day competition are selected in the spring for the week of Constitution Day. (Constitution Day is September 17.) To submit a design for 2024, students can email their work to [email protected] and cc: history professor Daniel Levinson Wilk who helps oversee the competition at: [email protected].

See more of Cindy Choo’s work her website and follow her in IG: @nicetomeetcchoo.

Follow this link for more information about FIT’s Graphic Design BFA.

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2 Responses to A postcard with a stark message about school gun violence

  1. Rob Drew says:

    Very good to hear the voice of reason, and see the message so skillfully illustrated.

  2. Elaine Drew says:

    An important topic powerfully illustrated. Well done, Cindy!

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