Paintings by Prof. Anne Finkelstein on Every Wi-Fi Kiosk in NYC

Ten paintings by Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design professor Anne Finkelstein are on display until February 27 on every LinkNYC screen in New York City – over 1,800 in all.

The project serves as an example in wayfinding, a concept she teaches in her 6th semester BFA class: Placemaking, Wayfinding and Environmental Graphics (VP 305).

Most New Yorkers see the 55-inch screens daily at kiosks that once were pay-phone booths. Now the kiosks can be used for free calls, device recharging, and for their fast Wi-Fi access.

“The street kiosks act as wayfinding devices, providing access to emergency numbers and phone charging,” says Finkelstein.

The giant 55-inch screens at the kiosks also display weather information, transit schedules, news of subway delays, local resources and more.

“The kiosk is an incredible example of one of the most important parts of wayfinding and that is reassurance, the certainty that the kiosk will be providing information allows for more information to be displayed and, in addition, for art to become a narrative element.”

– Craig Berger, Chair, Communication Design Pathways and author of “Wayfinding: Designing And Implementing Graphic Navigational Systems” 

“Night” by Anne Finkelstein

“Night” is an image that everyone in the FIT community should recognize. It’s a painting based on a photograph of the corner of 28th and 7th at night.

“Closed Restaurant” by Anne Finkelstein

“Closed Restaurant” is a painting based on a photograph of a closed Venezuelan restaurant—a casualty of the pandemic.

“18 Street Subway” by Anne Finkelstein

The “18th Street Subway” is a painting based on a photograph of the 18th Street subway entrance at 7th Avenue and the Con Ed substation behind it.

Slideshow of all 10 Paintings:  “Look for them on the street, and if you are quick with your camera take a picture. Please post it or make a story with the date and location and tag me,” says Prof. Finkelstein on IG @annefinkelstein.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

LinkNYC teamed up with the NYC Department of Information Technology in 2018 to collaborate with local artists for #ArtOnLink, to provide artwork that “captures and celebrates life, beauty, and culture in New York City.”

On LinkNYC website Ruth Fasoldt, Link’s Director of Community Affairs, says “#ArtOnLink has created a unique way for New Yorkers and visitors to view and appreciate local artwork on the go — and even learn some of the unspoken but important NYC tips and etiquette rules that New Yorkers know well!”

To view more of Professor Finkelstein’s work visit her website: and follow her on IG: @annefinkelstein.

For more information about the Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design major visit: VPED at FIT.

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  1. I have always been a fan of art and this is really amazing. What other best way to add color to kiosks. Love it.

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