Tis’ the Season for GIF-Giving!

Happy Holidays!

Please accept these GIFs from the students of Prof. Anthony Capparelli’s Pictorial Problem Solving Illustration class

Bridgette Meruelo

Creating GIFS in Prof. Anthony Capparelli’s Motion Graphic and Holiday Card Assignment, allows students to add movement and motion to their illustrations. They choose their inspiration from assigned themes such as album art, tourism, and theater events.

Trinity Yates

Their earlier assignment was a two-page graphite value study — a historical illustration for a children’s book. “The GIF assignment was quite a change for them,” says Prof. Capparelli.

Alberda Saada

Building on the skill set from previous assignments, students employed a mix of traditional and digital techniques to produce artwork that could be digitally and visually manipulated.

Chelsea Reyes

“The preparation of these images became an exploration in problem-solving strategies.

Still from Makayla Coy’s Christmas Angel GIF

“Students discover there is more than one way to accomplish their project goals, and more than one digital program to aid in their processes,” says Prof. Capparelli.

Annie Shi

To learn more about the Art and Design Illustration major go to: Illustration at FIT



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